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In Reckon Accounts Restore a Backup File?

You can change company files (QBB) into regular company data file (QBW) after launching the Reckon Accounts program by tapping on the icon displayed on Windows desktop. If you can view the Reckon Accounts login page then select the Cancel button.

Inject a CD, USB flash drive or any other storage device in the suitable drive if you have not stored your backup document in hard drive or on a network drive.

What you are required to do?

Follow the steps explained below for restoring the backup file in Reckon Accounts Desktop:

  1. In order to Open or Restore Company to access the portable document restore wizard go to File menu in Reckon Accounts.
  2. Click Next after selecting Restore a backup copy (.QBB).
  3. A Restore Backup: Method screen will appear.
  4. Click the Next option after selecting the Local backup option by default.
  5. You will find a Restore From screen displayed form where you can pick the file you are looking ahead for saving.
  6. Go to Look in drop down arrow if required, and then follow the location of your saved backup documents with .QBB file extension. (Like Reckon.QBB).
  7. Choose the required document which you want to save and then click on the Open option.
  8. Tap on Next in the Restore Backup: To Location scren.
  9. You can keep and store your pre-defined file name or can change it accordingly in the Restore To window.
  10. Go to Save in drop down arrow and follow the location or path of your restored document, if required. The entire company data file as well its related documents will be stored in this location itself.
  11. Reply to any further messages that might appeared and finally click on Save button.

With the help of these steps you can save the file in Reckon Accounts Desktop.

Reach Reckon Support New Zealand for further details about the steps at +64-04-8879113

If you are unable to restore the company files into company data files then don’t panic. Our team of experts and technicians are here to help you out. Just dial Reckon customer support number +64-04-8879113 for getting in touch with the professionals. You can also contact them via live chat as they are available there for 24/7. Or you can also drop us an email stating your issues.

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