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How to fix Error -6177, 0 or -6000, -83?

How disturbing is that while working you faces an error or a message from the software. Same thing you might encounter when Reckon Accounts Business tries to access the company file. In such situations you will see such errors:

‘An error occurred when QuickBooks tried to access the document. Please try again. If the problem persists, contact Technical Support and provide them with the following error codes: (-6177, 0) or (-6000, -83).’

It is displayed only when you don’t have access to particular folders where all company documents are stored. You should have read/write access as well as rights of creating and delete the folder where company document is stored if you want to use Accounts Business in multi-user environment.


a. Check and amend the permissions of mapped network drive-

  • Remove the Network Company file.
  • Make sure that QuickBooks Services are running on the system.
  • Set the access of the documents stored location.
  • Now configure the QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • Try to open the file stored on File Server from the computer where Accounts Business is installed. The issue will be resolved if the Reckon open the document.

b. Deactivate the hosting on all workstations which don’t store company file-

  • Open the QuickBooks on the system that doesn’t store the document.
  • Select File> Utilities
  • Close the QuickBooks.
  • Again perform the Step 2 in all workstations.
  • The system on which error occurred; try to open the document on that computer. The issue is resolved if document opens successfully.

c. Open the file using a local hard drive after you have toggled the hosting on and off, if Accounts Business is installed on the server.

  • On server open the QuickBooks.
  • Select File> Utilities> Stop Hosting Multi-User Access. For confirming, tap Yes.
  • Close the QBs and then again open it.
  • Go to File > Utilities > Host Multi-User Access. Select Yes. Now, open the documents.
  • Open the document on the computer where error appeared.

Reach Reckon Support for resolving the errors you are facing with the accounting software. You can dial Reckon Helpline Number New Zealand +64-04-8879113 to have a direct conversation with the technicians.


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