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How Smart Reckon Users Enter a Return and the Adjustment Note?

Looking for solutions to enter recording return or adjustment note? Now, you can easily enter the return or note like a smart financial tool user. A majority of Reckon users utilize the refunds section window when a return item is received for the already transaction sales receipt or invoice. For amateur users, the Reckon support number remains 24hrs active to provide instant support regarding the instant invoicing service or managing financial transactions.

Follow the steps mentioned below to enter a return or adjustment note:

  1. Enter the menu bar and select Create Refunds/Adjustment Note   
  2. Open the field labeled as Customer. Select here the job or customer return, you wish to enter.    
  3. Like a smart user, now choose a template.
  4. Now, navigate the cursor towards Accounts drop down list and select which account is receivable to use. 

The above mentioned field will get highlighted if there’s A/R account. The selection of A/R must only be done for multi-currency. Note: The multi-currency option is available only in the Reckon Pro Account.

  1. Now, you need to enter the items that are intended for the return from the item section. Make use of the similar info to the tax invoice. The income account will be decreased as the invoice items get returned.
  2. Next, you will have to update the exchange rate, if you have selected the multi-currency and the credit for other user. The total cost will be calculated via the applicable exchange rate.
  3. In step 7, you need to select the adjustment note.
  4. Now compose a new message or choose the custom message from the drop down menu.
  5. As you proceed further, you will need to enter memo.
  6. In the step 10, you need to save and print the note.

In case the account figure appears negative, then take the help from the professionals. Dial the Reckon accounting software support NZ number +64-04-8879113 and a dedicated financial consultant will address your query.

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